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Perdue Sustainability Program

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Welcome to the Perdue Sustainability Program!

We know you believe in being a responsible steward of natural resources - and we know no one knows how to manage those resources better than you. Regenerative agriculture practices can impact your farm today and build a foundation for success for generations to come. That's why we want to work with you through the Perdue Sustainability Program. We want to reward you for regenerative practice changes you make on your farm.

Enroll in the Perdue Sustainability Program to implement regenerative ag practices and improve soil resiliency. Get paid for your historical practices in crop season 2023 and for your practices in 2024 with our new two-year program. 



Be one of the first 100 enrollees and get a FREE Climate FieldView™ Drive ($379 value). Connect your equipment to your mobile device and seamlessly collect data as you pass through your fields, no matter what equipment you have.  

Will you join us?

Or, use the options below to learn more about the program's incentives and sign up to attend one of our monthly webinars to hear from program leadership and ask question in real time. 

Get rewarded for submitting agronomic data about your reduced tillage and cover crop practices. 

Did you plant your 2023 corn or soybeans utilizing no-till or strip-till practices?

Earn up to $10/acre for two crop years

Was a cover crop grown in fall of 2022 or spring of 2023 ahead of corn or soybeans?

Earn up to $10/acre for two crop years

Partner with us
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Perdue Sustainability Program

Powered by Bayer ForGround

Enrolling in the Sustainability Program is the first step to getting paid for implementing regenerative practices on your farm. As the crop year progresses, agree to submit the required agronomic data for the 2023 crop year. When you submit agronomic data as part of the Perdue Sustainability Program, you will remain the sole owner of your data. Your data will only be accessed and used for the purposes you permit.*

* Permitted purposes include the purposes you consented to during enrollment in the Perdue Sustainability Program, as well as the terms of use or privacy statement you accepted when you created an account with Bayer’s affiliate, Climate LLC.


This collaboration between Perdue and Bayer’s ForGround® represents two industry leaders coming together to help decarbonize grain farming, supporting Perdue’s production of increasingly environmentally friendly ingredients and foods for businesses and consumers. The Perdue Sustainability Program is the first business-to-business collaboration under Bayer’s new ForGround platform that improves soil health and reduces Scope 3 GHG emissions at scale.

Do I Qualify?

Growers must meet the following criteria to enroll:

  • Enrolled fields produced corn or soybeans in 2023 that was delivered to an approved Perdue facility in DE, MD, VA, PA, NJ, or NC

  • Maximum number of enrollable acres is based on the volume of grain delivered to an approved Perdue facility by February 16, 2024

  • Plant cover crops and/or practice no-till or strip-till continuously (verification and agronomic data is required)

  • Agree to submit agronomic data for the 2023 crop year and 2024 crop year (no historical data is needed)

Perdue Carbon Program

Ready to Get Started?

1. Log in with your Climate FieldView™ account (or create a new one).

2. Confirm your information and consent to the applicable terms. 

3. Enroll your fields and answer the 6-question sustainability survey for each.

4. As the crop year progresses, report your management practices.

Today, agriculture accounts for roughly 30% of global emissions. Climate change will lead to an increased likelihood of global breadbasket failures and volatility for crops. For this reason, regulators are paying more attention to carbon emissions and water usage. Investors are funding more sustainable organizations.


Adopting climate smart practices like the ones listed above can improve soil health, improve yields, and generate carbon credits in a rapidly growing carbon market. In partnership with our growers, we want to continue to innovate, be environmentally responsible, and provide high-quality grain to our customers.


Perdue is committed to a grower-first approach. We’re here to help you create value from your land AND leave a better environment for future generations.

Reach out to learn more. 
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